Offshore Kayak Angler Lands Dream Longtail Tuna (Video)

Filling the hatch for a sashimi feast

Compared to lakes and rivers, offshore kayak fishing is a whole different kettle of fish. Paddling out among the ocean swells offers the chance to fish for large and impressive saltwater species like tuna, grouper and more. Longtail tuna, while not as big as proper bluefins, are a tasty and rambunctious migratory fish found in Australian waters during their winter season. This video follows “R1ko,” a kayak angler based on the Gold Coast, as he attempts to land his very first longtail tuna.

Paddling in pursuit of longtail tuna

In the words of R1ko, “Most fishermen want to catch something big and speedy, like a wahoo or marlin. I dream of catching tasty ‘longtail’ or ‘northern bluefin’ tuna! This has been my goal since I started offshore kayak fishing.” This might just be his lucky day.

The action picks up at 2:35 as a massive school of longtail appear ahead, leading to a hit and protracted fight that leaves R1ko panting. “These tuna don’t get tired…not tired easily, at least,” he says, recounting a tale about one that got away.

At 9:47 R1ko can finally breathe easy as he lands his catch, a sizeable specimen. The tuna keep jumping—literally—so R1ko continues casting, dealing with some pesky sharks before landing another nice longtail for his hatch.

“Fish of a lifetime, fish of my dreams. Tonight we feast.”

See R1ko’s YouTube channel for more offshore kayak fishing exploits, including spanish mackerel, bonitos and more, on Australia’s beautiful Gold Coast.



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