Hauling In Sturgeon On A Barbie Fishing Rod (Video)

Watch this "kids" rod get put through the wringer

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Take note light-tackle enthusiasts. A Barbie fishing rod seems to be all an angler needs to haul in a sturgeon from the seat of a kayak.

In this video from NorthWest Fishing, the angler paddles out to the Swan Island Shipyard on the Willamette River in Portland, Oregon. He’s here to put a “kids” rod to the challenge, by tossing a line out for sturgeon.

It appears NorthWest Fishing is using the Shakespeare Barbie Spincast Combo Kit. The rod is 2’6″ long, with a medium action made of a fiberglass construction. While the reel appears to have four pounds of drag and a 3.0:1 ratio, and holding six-pound test line.

So, was the kids’ fishing rod up to a fight with sturgeon? Watch the video and you’ll be shocked by the size of the fish NorthWest Fishing hauls in on this Barbie fishing rod combo.


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