Best Ocean Fishing Kayaks For 2024

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Offshore kayak fishing presents unique challenges and risks. Of course, it also offers unique rewards, like the chance to catch tuna and grouper. So how do you reap those rewards and mitigate those risks? In addition to learning skills like how to surf launch and taking appropriate precautions like monitoring weather conditions, having the right gear is essential to staying safe (and having a good time) fishing beyond the breakers.

A fishing kayak that’s designed for open-water fishing will be stable in windy and wavy conditions (and when you’re reeling in a big fish). However, a good open-water kayak is not as stable as an inshore kayak. To absorb the power of the waves and turn on a dime, as well as ride waves into the beach, the boat should lean to the right and left. Most ocean boats have a long waterline to track well, allowing you to travel long distances with ease. To improve handling, big-water kayaks have a slight bend in the keel, called rocker. The paddler can lean back and lift the bow out of the water to make a fast turn or surf down the face of a wave. To ensure gear and fishing rods survive a surf launch and rough seas, an ocean kayak has ample storage space below deck.

These open-water fishing kayaks are capable of managing surf, currents, swells and the constant stream of big fish you’re sure to be reeling in.

Top picks: Best ocean fishing kayaks for 2024

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Best Ocean Fishing Kayaks

Brooklyn Kayak Company

BKC RA220 Sit On Top Angler Kayak

Old Town Canoes and Kayaks

Sportsman Salty PDL 120


Mirage iTrek 11

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Vibe Kayaks

Vibe Yellowfin 100 Angler Kayak

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Vibe Kayaks

Shearwater 125 Signature Series

Wilderness Systems

Radar 135

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There’s no better way to choose an open-water kayak than by kicking the tires and taking a test drive. The staff at Kayak Angler have run the best ocean fishing kayaks through the gauntlet. We’ve rigged the boats for fishing, loaded them with gear and hit the water, allowing us to evaluate how the boat handles and how it performs for the intended angler and conditions.

If you can’t get to the paddle shop or a demo day, take a test drive with our reviews of the best ocean fishing kayaks.