Angry Commercial Fishermen Accost Kayak Anglers (Video)

Marine turf war threatens to heat up

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Fishing on the misty morning tide should be a relaxing, peaceful pursuit. But what about when a pair of commercial fishermen accuse you of stealing their special spot? Sure, we all prefer to keep our prime locations under wraps, but that’s no excuse to throw around threats and insults. Adam Irino of Die Hard Fishing, a veteran of high stakes encounters on the high seas, shows us the ugly truth of commercial fishermen behaving badly.

Commercial Fishermen Out of Control

The video begins as peacefully as can be, with Irino and friends floating off the San Francisco coast and casting swimbaits near the surface for sea bass. So peaceful, in fact, that they can’t get a bite. The sea bass school seems to have moved on, so Irino switches to trolling for salmon. That’s when the trouble begins.

At 2:50, the video cuts to a confrontation already in progress. Irino has done some fancy editing to cut out the worst of the profanity, but his friend Nick Fish posted an extended, up-close video of the incident. Embedded below, that video* shows just how out of control the commercial fishermen were.

Why all the anger and threats? They appear to be upset that Irino and friends are recording video footage of their fishing. “We actually fish for a living, you don’t fish for a living,” the fishermen claim. Irino explains that he, too, fishes for money via his YouTube videos. “That’s what I’m telling you, I have to post the video to make some money,” he says. Not surprisingly, there is no agreement between the two parties.

High Stakes on the High Seas

This is not Irino’s first rodeo. Aside from fishing highlights, you might recognize him from another incident in which he narrowly avoided a deadly speed boat collision. The boaters in that incident didn’t exactly cover themselves in glory, but Irino took it all in stride and kept on fishing. He follows the same playbook here, landing his very first swimbait halibut before the day is over.

Of the angry confrontation, Irino later concludes: “I don’t have any beef with these guys or any other commercial fishermen. … I’m trying to make a living, they’re trying to make a living. I understand their frustration, but that doesn’t give them the right to tell me or anyone else when or where they can fish.” Amen.

* Warning: This video contains language that some viewers may find offensive.


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  1. I was confronted at 3:00 am not far from Venice LA by a couple of guys running net illegally. They asked what I was doing. I showed them I was cleaning my weapon and never heard from them again.

  2. I saw videos from Nick Fish and Die Hard Fishing the days the posted them. The commercial fishermen were wrong. I bet now if the commercial fishermen saw the videos, they’d be embarrassed, or at least should be. I bet their families are real proud of their actions.


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