Gerald Swindle Builds A Leaf Blower Powered Kayak (Video)

Turns out a trip to the hardware store may be all you need to motorize your kayak

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Just when you imagine you’ve seen every DIY fishing kayak modification there could be, Gerald Swindle comes along and posts this video of a leaf blower powered kayak.

Building A Leaf Blower Powered Kayak

Motorized fishing kayaks have certainly changed the game for kayak angling in recent years. Along with the increasing number of trolling motors becoming available an equal number of creative ideas for motors and rigging them have come to be. Swindle takes kayak DIY to the next level though with this leaf blower modification to power his Native Watercraft.

Leaf blower mounted to the back of kayak
Image: Gerald Swindle / YouTube

Swindle makes a quick stop at Lowe’s where he picks up a 40-volt Kobalt leaf blower to attach to the stern of the Native Titan Propel 12.

Using the blower to propel the kayak looks to be less of a serious modification for Swindle though, and more for answering an entertaining question. Could you push a kayak across flatwater with a tool built for dreaded yardwork?

It takes a few attempts and some additional modifications during Swindle’s experiment. For one he swaps to the smaller Native Slayer Propel 10. In the end, Gerald Swindle is in fact able to make the leaf blower capable of scooting his kayak around a pond.

Gerald Swindle shows off hsi leaf blower powered kayak.
Feature Image: Gerald Swindle / YouTube

Trolling Motor Options For The Cost Of A Leaf Blower

Hey we get it, everyone has their budget. And some of the motorized options available today are a big investment. Still, as motorized kayaks grow in demand many manufacturers are producing diverse lineups of electric trolling motors with lower cost options.

Anglers can likely find a kayak-compatible motor for around the same price as Swindle’s Kobalt special, which retails for about $160. Minn Kota and Brooklyn Kayak Company both have trolling motors retailing for less than the Kobalt blower. And Newport Vessels produces their 36lb thrust motor for $179.

All of these motors would make for higher performance options than your battery powered leaf blower. We do appreciate the creative ideas spawned from spending enough time in the garage though. And we tip our sun protective caps to Swindle for pushing the boundaries of fishing kayak modifications.

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