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In this issue of Kayak Angler, we release our annual Boat and Gear Buyer’s Guide with a detailed look at the Jackson Kayak Knarr, FeelFree Lure Overdrive and Aquaglide Blackfoot Angler. Once you have the boat and gear, learn how to catch smallmouth bass, largemouth, barracuda, trout and more.

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In this issue of Kayak Angler, we pay homage to the mighty redfish. From little puppy drum to giant bull drum, from Texas to the mid-Atlantic, local experts share the secrets to their favorite way to catch redfish. If you can’t make it to the red coast, we have expert tips on catching largemouth, striped bass, bay bass, trout, salmon and tarpon. Get to the fish quicker with our guide to the latest kayak motors. In Gear Closet, we review the most comfortable and safest life vests. Then, take a test drive in the new Crescent Shoalie SF, Bonafide P127 and Oru Lake, the most packable and versatile kayak we’ve ever fished. And we take a deep look at why people fly fish and how to master the techniques to play your lures like puppets.

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