Playful Pod Of Dolphins Pushes Fishing Kayaks (Video)

Dolphin-powered propulsion looks like fun

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Paddle, pedal or motor—the best way to propel your boat is an endless debate among kayak anglers. But what if you could hire a helpful pod of dolphins to push your kayak around? Mark DeLaRosa of MDLR Fishing and his friend lived the dream for a few minutes at least, as friendly dolphins seem to delight in giving them a boost.

Friendly Dolphins Give Kayaks a Push

DeLaRosa and his friend fish their home waters on the Texas Gulf Coast, pedalling their Old Town kayaks between bayou and back lake. They float out among the oyster grass, chasing the morning bite for speckled trout, flounder and redfish.

DeLaRosa starts off fishing a “little bone white topwater, a little popper.” He modifies his freshwater baits for the bayou with stainless split rings and galvanized Mustad treble hooks. It doesn’t take long for the hits to start coming, as speckled trout pounce on the popper. DeLaRosa’s delighted laughter at each catch is a pleasure to hear.

two anglers pedal as dolphins push their kayaks
Feel a bump on your rudder? It could be a dolphin pushing your kayak. | Image: MDLR Fishing/YouTube

Dolphins Appear on the Scene

At 11:16, while heading back to the launch, the anglers first spot dolphins nearby. “That’s a whole pod,” DeLaRosa points out as they continue pedalling for home.

“Whoa, they’re under me! Just came and gave me a boost!” his friend suddenly exclaims.

DeLaRosa doesn’t believe it, but moments later a dolphin surfaces right in front of their kayaks. The pod cavorts around them, nudging their rudders and creating a wake that pushes the pedal boats forward with surprising speed.

“These guys are seriously playful,” DeLaRosa says of his dolphin-powered ride.


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