In the wide world of kayak fishing videos there are always some short clips that really catch our fancy. From funny wildlife encounters to amazing catches and embarrassing kayak fishing fails, these videos pack a lot of entertainment into a short runtime. Here are twelve of our favorite kayak fishing clips uploaded to YouTube in 2021 (so far).

Best Kayak Fishing Shorts From 2021

Fun Fishing Tricks

This angler demonstrates how easy fishing can be when you figure out the pattern.

These next clips show the wild topwater attack of monster river catfish. The second clip features a pontoon boat, but the footage is so wild we couldn’t leave it out. It’s an excerpt from an amazing video by the Carna Fishing Family.

Kayak Fishing Fails

Fishing from a kayak isn’t always easy, and that’s kind of the point. The challenge of kayak fishing also makes for hilarious bloopers when things go wrong. Whether you respond with grace—“It’s okay!”—or fuming frustration, it’s funny either way. Keep these clips in mind next time you lose your balance or fumble the fish.

Shark Shenanigans

As saltwater anglers will attest, these toothy denizens of the sea love to show up when least expected. Sometimes they swoop in to steal your catch, other times they just seem to be showing off. Sharks may not always be welcome, but they are always impressive to watch.

Wildlife Encounters

Fish aren’t the only ones to get in on the action when we hit the water. Seabirds and other aquatic animals have been known to take the bait, too. They may not win you a trophy, but these wildlife encounters are truly memorable.

“Guy kayak fishing films shark jump flipping out of water,” one of our picks for the best kayak fishing shorts (so far) from 2021. | Feature image: Courtesy of ViralSnare/YouTube



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