What Fishing Your First Bass Tournament Really Looks Like (Video)

A first person perspective from a weekend of competitive angling on the California Delta

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Have you been chewing on the idea of entering your first bass tournament? Curious to know how heated the competition is? Or whether a tournament is worth your time? Keith Gouveia was kind enough to share a first-person perspective from his first experience in the brackets on the California Delta.

What to Expect Fishing in Your First Bass Tournament

Prospective anglers considering their first bass tournament may imagine some pretty fierce competition. Gouveia’s documented experience seems to provide a sense that bass tournaments can feel a lot like any other day of fishing. The relaxation of a long day on the water, paddling around in your kayak. Not to mention the frustrations, and usual lack of the elements to cooperate.

Angler holding fish at first bass tournament
Feature image: Keith Gouveia/YouTube

If things go according to plan, a few solid hook ups could provide some strong results, and a solid first showing in your first bass tournament as Gouveia had.

“This was a tough day. A lot of people I talked to got no fish,” Gouveia explains, paddling against a relentless wind. “I took 22nd out of 74 anglers and I don’t feel too bad about that.”

Where to Find Your First Tournament

Gouveia was taking part in the Wild West Bass Trail Series, which has four open kayak events in the 2022 season, and the Clear Lake Championship invitational in September.

The Hobie Bass Open Series is another series of kayak angling competitions you can take part in. The Hobie B.O.S. has nine open events in the 2022 season, as well is its Tournament of Champions in November.

Whether you decide to take part in the tournament scene yourself or just keep your fishing low key, don’t forget to have fun and stay safe while kayak fishing.


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  1. Your video has given me the encouragement that I needed after experiencing a nasty fall last year while fishing. I had a complete tear of my left shoulder rotator cuff at age 63. I just had surgery in March 2022, and currently in physical therapy for 2-3 months. I was afraid to fish again but now look forward to doing so once again. I know that I can overcome my fear and anxiety. Thank you for sharing this video. God bless. Rick M.

  2. Thank you very much. Looking forward to fishing again and hopefully enter some tournaments.

    Thanks again. 🙂


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