Kristine Fischer Previews Her 2022 Tournament Setup (Video)

Pro angler has a new ride for the new year

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Kristine Fischer recently capped off her big 2021 with a groundbreaking win at the Hobie B.O.S. Tournament of Champions. But now that the cold weather is here, Fischer has her eyes set on 2022. In this video, she shares her kayak fishing setup for next year’s tournament season. From mounts to electronics, gadgets and more, the future looks bright with this fully loaded Hobie Pro Angler 360.

Fischer’s Fully Loaded Tournament Kayak Setup

The walkthrough starts off with one of the most impressive features. “We’ve made some major improvements,” Fischer says, “and the glaringly obvious thing: we are running not one but two Garmin 106 SVs up front.”

dual Garmin 106sv fish finders
asdf. | Image: Kristine Fischer/YouTube

Won’t two fish finders get in the way? Fischer explains that her outfitters at DugOut Bait and Tackle mounted the monitors on a trail bar front and center of the seat, rather than out to the side. “That gives me a better view of the graphs and it’s completely out of the way of my casting,” she says.

With two Garmin units, Fischer can dedicate one to running Livescope exclusively. Better yet, she can easily remove the Livescope mount to fish a simpler setup in shallow water.

Another handy feature is foot-controlled steering, allowing Fischer to avoid using her Hobie MirageDrive to steer. Steering with the MirageDrive, she explains, “puts a completely unprecedented amount of pressure and torque on the drive that [it] is not meant to handle.” Aside from extending the life of her boat, hands-free steering is an added bonus for the time-starved tournament angler.

Take These Rigging Tips Into 2022

Watch along for rigging tips on cameras, mounting plates, motor, lights and plenty more. You may not need as fancy a kayak as Fischer’s 2022 ride, but what else are you going to work on while the snow flies?


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