Marlin Tows Kayak Fisherman 15 Miles Out To Sea (Video)

The question here is exactly who has caught whom?

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When a marlin takes the bait you know you’re in for a wild ride. That was certainly true for angler and fishing guide Adam Fisk of Los Buzos Resort, a kayak fishing paradise on Panama’s Pacific coast. The cameras were running when he hooked a large and very frisky marlin, the start of an epic kayak fishing tale with the footage to back it up.

Kayak fishing for marlin takes a team

Featured on the popular YouTube channel Field Trips with Robert Field, this video follows Fisk and his support team as an estimated 500-pound marlin fights for six hours and tows him 15 miles out to sea. Fisk, Field and their team are based out of the tourist town of Cambutal in the Los Santos province of Panama, where they specialize in exotic sport fishing for roosterfish, yellowfin tuna, sailfish, marlin and more. Yet this strike was special even for a highly experienced group.

This marlin is one to remember

The commenters agree: “Wow! That was intense. I’m worn out and all I did was sit in my big old comfortable office chair and watch. Thanks so much for that,” says Brad Bacom. Liam Dalton laments, “I was proud of my 2 pound rainbow trout….”

Commenter Electriophile notes that “I’m more impressed with that dude’s grip strength, holding onto the rod like that for 5 hours before switching off,” while Jordan Archer highlights the group effort: “That was incredible and the support and excitement from everyone involved was amazing!”

What is your best big catch while kayak fishing? Did you capture your catch on video?


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