Catching Monster Roosterfish In Panama

Another Field Trip filled with trophies

Robert Field is back at the Los Buzos resort in Panama catching all the massive fish. In this video you see them mainly hooking into yellow snapper and roosterfish although they mention that cubera snappers were hitting their bait as well. Only issue is that the cuberas are hard to land.

They are using XPS jigs to catch blue runners that they are then using as live bait for roosterfish. Quite the process but as you can see, an effective way to get into some trophy roosterfish.

Robert finally hooks into a massive roosterfish that takes him for a ride. So much so you can actually see a wake by the side of his kayak. He mentions this isn’t even the biggest rooster he has ever caught. We couldn’t imagine what it would be like if this fish had an extra 20 pounds on it.

Photo/Video: Courtesy of Robert Field



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