Underwater Drone Footage Spills the Secrets Of How To Catch Fish (Video)

The best way to figure out how to get the fish biting may be a trip under the sea

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If we could take a trip below the surface and spend a day among the fish we would gain a lifetime of angling knowledge. With this underwater drone footage, John Skinner brings us along for a trip under the sea to spill the secrets of where fish are and why they bite.

Drone preparing to go underwater for footage of fish biting.
Feature Image: John Skinner / YouTube

Underwater Drone Footage Shows Where The Fish Hide

Skinner who is an angler from kayaks, motorized boats and beaches, is excited to take the Chasing Gladius Mini drone for a spin. The drone is tethered by a line and like many flying drones, the video is monitored in real-time via Skinner’s phone.

“This is the cool thing,” Skinner narrates in the video. “I see something. I hit the brakes. I turn and there it is, a ghost pot and there’s a rock behind it,” Skinner explains, walking through how the drone allows him to explore a new-to-him fishing spot. “I knew there’s one large rock here that comes about 10 feet up off the bottom. I want to get a good look at this thing and see what’s around it and how it’s shaped.”

Skinner goes on to go over the features of the rock like the cracks and caves where blackfish, also called tautog tend to lurk.

Fish surrounding jig bait.
Fish captured surrounding jig. Image: John Skinner / YouTube

Drone Footage Witnesses What Gets The Fish To Strike

Seeing the underwater structure is fun and all but we aren’t here for a Jacques Cousteau documentary. On the next round Skinner takes the drone for a cruise while his brother Bob does some jig fishing from the boat. Skinner is able to show us the key to hooking a blackfish.

“Just set that jig on the bottom. Make contact with it with your line. Do not apply pressure. And wait through all the little hits when you see all these fish down here. It’s Peck Peck Peck Peck Peck. Don’t swing at that stuff. Wait until the jig swims away.”

Sure enough the technique had a strong success rate, and Skinner could study it on site via the Gladius Mini.


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