Scouting The Flats For Big Fish By Way Of Drone (Video)

Modern gadgetry provides a stunning view

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Flats fishing is difficult, perhaps as difficult as it gets when it comes to fishing tactics. Spotting, not spooking, and getting fish prowling the flats to take your bait is just a step below black magic. In Australia, angler Nev Hayes is using modern gadgetry for some clever and visually stunning flats fishing—scouting for big fish by way of drone.

Using his drone, Hayes is able to get a bird’s eye view of the sprawling sand flats of Australia. Hayes is able to spot schools of mullet, where an angler is bound to find hard-fighting and tasty flathead. Hayes even has the drone in the air as he makes his casts. We get the opportunity to watch the twitch of the bait and the flatfish lunging for the lure. Making for a few minutes of visually stunning footage.

While using a drone to increase your haul is a tempting method, it is actually illegal for fishing and fish reconnaissance in some states. Be sure to check regulations on drone use in your area.


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