Kristine Fischer Shows Off Complete 2023 Kayak Rigging Setup (Video)

The pro angler takes us for a walkthrough of her bass-catching craft for the upcoming season

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A new year means new beginnings, and that includes your boat setup. When it comes to optimizing your outfitting for success in the upcoming fishing season, we suggest looking to the pros, like 2021 Hobie Tournament of Champions winner Kristine Fischer.

Kristine Fischer is kind enough to share her complete kayak rigging setup for the 2023 season in this video walkthrough with her Hobie Pro Angler 14.


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  1. You know why most people go with the lights that mount up on the deck? They meet regulations. These LED bars dont which is import because the reason you got them mounted was to meet regulatory requirements…except you didnt. You might as well have mounted christmas lights. Port and starboard lights need to be from centerline to port 112.5 degrees and no further and centerline to starboard 112.5 degrees. It is that was for a handful of reasons. Otherwise LOVE the setup…its sick, good luck in the tourneys this year.


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