Glow On The Go: No-Drill Kayak Scupper Lights (Video)

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Recently we looked at LED fishing lights, but bait isn’t the only thing worth illuminating—what about your sweet ride? Nathan Rich from Southern Salt took to the water one recent night to test out Glo-n-Yak scupper lights from Nauti-n-Foul. Find out why they do more for nighttime fishing than just look cool.

Testing Out New, No-Drill Kayak Scupper Lights

Rich starts off in the daytime to give us a good look at the product. The Glo-n-Yak lights, he says, provide an “easy way for you to rig up lights on your kayak without having to drill holes [or] run a whole bunch of wires.”

kayak scupper lights
The genius of these kayak scupper lights is in their simplicity. | Image: Southern Salt/YouTube

Navigation-ready in red, green and white, the genius of Nauti-n-Foul’s patented design is its simplicity. Each light is held in the scupper hole by two adjustable arms, allowing it to fit snugly in scupper holes ranging from 11/16” to 4” in diameter. Set the arms wider or narrower by spinning a nut with your fingers. The Glo-n-Yak lights come with heat shrink and connectors that attach to any 12-volt battery system.

“They are around 400 lumens, so super strong lights,” says Rich, “very affordable, and very easy to put together.” Just don’t use them for playing around in the backyard, he warns. “They say not to use these whenever you’re not in the water, because the bulbs will get real hot and burn them out.”

Scupper Lights Add Style and Safety

So, how do the scupper lights perform? Rich found that the glow adds “a nice flare on the water and…a little extra visibility to be seen by other boaters.” Rusty, his videographer, reports that fish like the lights too, after “a trout came up underneath your kayak to take a look and then swam back off.”

For more information on Yak-n-Glo scupper lights, visit the Nauti-n-Foul website.


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  1. Cyalume light sticks are cheap enough.
    If you use your imagination, you could figure out how to light underneath your vessel with them and preserve your battery charge for something better.


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