Angler Encounters Redfish On The Run From Dolphins (Video)

“You never know what’s gonna happen out on the water!”

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When you fish South Carolina’s Lowcountry, remember you might be in someone else’s spot—and that someone might have flippers. While casting for redfish, Beaufort SC Fishing host Houston Stewart recently found himself competing against a pair of hunting dolphins. The marine mammals may have scared off Stewart’s quarry, but they also gave him some unique wildlife footage to share.

Angler Encounters Dolphins Hunting for Lowcountry Redfish

Stewart introduces the day’s location as “one of my favorite spots this winter.” As it turns out, he’s not the only one. The name of the redfish game is silence and stealth, leading Stewart to whisper his commentary as he gets down to work.

kayak angler holds up redfish before dolphins interrupt his fishing
Houston Stewart holds up one of his redfish catches—before dolphins scared the rest away. | Image: Beaufort SC Fishing/YouTube

Casting right into the reds, Stewart soon switches to a lighter lure to “make less of a splash on the water and scare the fish less.” He also tries bouncing his bait off the bank. Stewart even wishes for a fly rod, “because the fly would just make so much less of a disturbance.” Despite all this, he manages to reel in a couple nice redfish before some splashing draws his attention.

Redfish On the Run From Dolphins

Stewart swings his Hobie Outback around and sees a pair of dolphins hunting nearby in the skinny water. The hunters push panicked redfish right toward Stewart’s boat, but he recognizes that “these fish are not gonna eat anything.”

Rather than casting in vain, the angler watches and films as waves of reds swim away from danger. Finally, the satiated dolphins depart and leave Stewart to reflect on his unlikely competition.


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