Hot Bluefin Tuna Bite Captured On Drone (Video)

Feeding frenzy leads to great fishing, amazing footage, tuna feast

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Jason “Paddle Guy” Milne is an Australian kayak fisherman and YouTuber with a passion for chasing tuna. In this video, he teams up with a drone-piloting friend to get some amazing footage of a Pacific bluefin tuna bust-up. Milne ends up right in the middle of the action, hauling in a catch-and-cook feast. Watch the full clip to see the mouth-watering results.

Hot Bluefin Tuna Bite Captured on Drone

“Without a doubt, this was one of the hottest bites I have had with the tuna,” Milne says, “They were eating no matter what I threw at them.” The drone footage is stunning, showing tuna darting in the turquoise water while seabirds wheel overhead.

Despite the favorable conditions Milne sticks to his two preferred tuna lures. First is a 3.75-inch Z-Man StreakZ in pearl, which he says “matches the bait really well.” To prove it, the angler cuts open his catch and lays out its last meal. Turns out the tuna swallowed several baitfish similar in size and color to the soft plastic lure.

For windier conditions Milne selects a TT Hardcore metal spinner in 20- or 30-gram weight. He ends up with three “really good-sized” tuna to take home.

Milne also describes how Sam, the drone pilot, tried to get in on the action by flying his lure out to the fish by drone, but the line wouldn’t quite reach. Instead, Sam ended up filming his friend’s fishing exploits—and we can only assume he shared in the bounty.

Pacific Bluefin Tuna Catch Will Feed Plenty

Back at home, our host fillets the fish and prepares them for pickup by “friends and family and neighbors [who] don’t get a chance to go out and get tuna.” He estimates the three fish are enough to feed six to eight families. For his own portion, Milne follows a recipe book by local Japanese chef Tomo. From what we can see, the results look delicious.


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