The Jackson Big Rig Is Back (Video)

The fan favorite for stability and high capacity has returned with some serious upgrades

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Jackson Kayak announced the return of a fan favorite for 2024 with the Jackson Big Rig FD. The Big Rig was first introduced in 2013 as the most stable, all-water fishing kayak in their lineup. The Big Rig evolved over the years with the Big Rig Pro in 2016 and the Big Rig FD in 2020. Now the Big Rig is back with a slew of upgrades, none bigger than the incorporation of Jackson’s Flex Drive Mark IV pedal system.

Introducing The Jackson Kayak Big Rig FD

The Big Rig FD has Jackson’s highest solo capacity at up to 500 pounds. The brand claims this is the boat for anglers who want to bring everything and the kitchen sink on the water while still maintaining confident stability.

At 13’3″ long and 40″ wide there are plenty of features on the Big Rig FD beyond the incorporation of the Flex Drive to get excited about.

The 2024 Big Rig features conventional rod holder storage as well as fly rod storage. The fly rod storage a great compliment to the stability for standing Jackson intends for this boat. It has multiple gear tracks surrounding the angler for every accessory. There is also hatched storage at the bow and stern, as well as bungee storage directly behind the angler. The stern hatch also provides access to the rudder control system.

The Big Rig also has a four-bolt pattern at the stern, ready for mounting a Power-Pole or Torqeedo trolling motor.

Another big upgrade for 2024 beyond the Flex Drive is Jackson’s Hi-Lo Slider Seat, allowing the angler to adjust their seat height with just one hand.

In this video, Chad Brock provides a complete walkthrough of the Big Rig FD and all the features you can expect to find. The boat is available now, and you can find more information at


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