Shark Rams Kayaker While Chasing Seal (Video)

Greg Potter Was Witnessing A Natural Spectacle When The Show Got Too Close For Comfort

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Greg Potter was fishing off the East Cape of New Zealand when he began to witness a spectacle as a shark chased a seal. Potter identifies the shark as a juvenile great white, though the shark species remains unconfirmed. The seal made multiple leaps as it attempted to evade the shark. Then, the show got close to home for Potter as the seal moved in the angler’s direction.

Perhaps the seal decided the angler’s kayak might be a safe hiding place. Potter decided it was time to move along. But as he motored away, the shark decided to ram his kayak, either still in pursuit of the seal or confusing Potter’s boat in motion for another fleeing meal option.

Fortunately, Potter was floated away from the fray he’d happened upon without injury or reported damage to his kayak.


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