Boat Review: Aquaglide Blackfoot ISUP Angler (VIDEO)

The Aquaglide Blackfoot Angler ISUP paddles like a hard board and fits into your life like an inflatable. Photo: Kayak Kevin Whitley
The Aquaglide Blackfoot Angler ISUP paddles like a hard board and fits into your life like an inflatable.

What Does The Aquaglide Blackfoot ISUP Angler Have To Offer?

Have you noticed there are a lot of standup paddleboards at the paddle shop? Big boards, short boards, fat boards and skinny boards. Many manufacturers are trying to infiltrate the paddle fishing world with standup paddleboards designed for anglers. Aquaglide has been producing inflatable water amusements (picture giant blow-up water slides and trampolines) for years. Recently, they applied their expertise to paddlecraft.

The new Blackfoot Angler ISUP is part of a premier line of heavy-duty, inflatable paddlecraft designed for fishermen, hunters and outdoorsmen.

Aquaglide’s beauty is more than skin deep. Beneath the heavy-duty PVC shell, Aquaglide uses a web-work of internal stitching to give the board greater stiffness. The Blackfoot Angler ISUP can be inflated to an incredible 14 to 16 psi (some boards stop at 12 psi) that further improves stiffness and performance. The same technology that makes their commercial amusements tough and sturdy makes their consumer boards and boats bulletproof.

The board uses a layer of extra stiff double stitching to create a floor that feels as firm as a hard board.

An extra strip of material running down the keel of the board provides further stiffness. The solid construction and a quick-remove skeg allow the board to track extremely well, even in wind and waves. The Blackfoot Angler ISUP stays the course better than most inflatables and many hard boards. The heavy material and heavy-duty construction add weight to the board but the improved performance is worth a few pounds.

At 11 feet long and 36 inches wide, the Blackfoot offers a solid platform for fishing and other outdoor sports.

It took me 15 minutes of pumping to blow up the board with Aquaglide’s premium pump. If I was buying an inflatable as my primary mode of transport, I’d be lazy and invest in an electric pump and save my energy for paddling and fishing. While the board is heavy-duty, I was able to carry it to the launch and lift it on my trailer. On the water, I loaded it with a Yeti Coolers Tundra 35 full of gear and tackle. The board comes with six Scotty adhesive bases that will accept any of Scotty’s many rodholders, cupholders, electronics mounts and other accessories.

Another cool feature is the EVA foam deck pad that runs from behind the nose to the tail. The channeled pad provides comfort and traction for all-day standup fishing. There are bungees in the bow and stern to strap down gear and hold the paddle. And four D-rings behind the paddling position allowed me to strap down the Yeti cooler to serve as a seat and easy-to-access gear vault.

On the water, the board paddles easily.

It doesn’t undulate in waves and it tracks and turns like a hard board. I could walk to the bow, stern or stand on the cooler for extended sight-fishing visibility. Aquaglide even sent a Rhythm carbon fiber SUP paddle to push the board with little effort. For a big board that offers rock solid stability, the Blackfoot Angler ISUP is no pool toy.

Aquaglide Blackfoot Angler ISUP Specs:

Length: 11′

Width: 36″

Weight: 34 lbs

Capacity: 450 lbs

Volume: 230 L

Price: $999 


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