Will This Hysterical Chicken Lure Catch Fish? (Video)

Angler sets out to prove if this gifted top water can walk the walk

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Matt Nelson of the YouTube channel NDYakAngler is known for throwing some funky-looking lures to lurking fish. The angler often proves that no matter how outrageous, a well-designed piece of plastic with treble hooks can interest some hefty freshwater predators. Still, whether it be a duck or topwater rat, the lures Nelson tests generally resemble some kind of meal for muskie or bass. That was until we saw Nelson tie on this absurd-looking chicken lure.

The Fishin’ Chicken Nelson has rigged to his baitcasting rod isn’t manufactured by any of your favorite lure brands. Nelson was sent the Fishin’ Chicken from fan Michael Vann. The Fishin’ Chicken is actually a Heddon Spook topwater lure with a chicken costume. According to Nelson, Vann works in the poultry industry and brings Fishin’ Chickens to hand out at trade shows and scholarship events.

We must say it’s an entertaining way to hand out a business card. The question remains, can this Fishin’ Chicken “walk the dog” in true Spook fashion and snag some fall smallmouth? Watch Nelson’s video to find out.


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  1. My son was scared of the water and his mom started calling him chicken years ago. Last week I through him the water, his mom tied the line to retrieve him. Last week we caught a gator on some 550 paracord, with a chicken! In hindsight, I would’ve rather had this lure in a 75lb version!


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