Don’t Laugh, Pike Smash This Duck Lure (Video)

Matt Nelson had a hunch gamefish couldn't resist this duck imitation

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Is there anything more exciting in angling than the moment you watch an aggressive fish smash a topwater lure? The only thing that could make it perhaps more exciting is the building anticipation of knowing you are choosing just the right lure and watching the scene unfold. That is exactly what Matt Nelson did when he brought along a duck lure for some local pike.

A Duck Lure For Surface-Smashing Pike

Yellow Duck Lure
Feature Image: Matt Nelson/YouTube

“I’m back out here on the river again today. I was at the same spot about a week ago with a friend of mine. We really hammered the pike and found a few muskie back here in this little backwater area,” Nelson narrates on the return to his gem of a gamefish spot.

“One other thing I did notice last time we were here was that there was a couple of families of ducks, with some little ducklings swimming around. That got me to thinking, ‘you know what, I’ve got a duck lure at home.’ So I’ve brought that out with me today.”

It hits a soft spot bearing the thought of a duckling being the meal of a toothy pike, but it is reality. And the reality is, the Savage Gear 3D Suicide Duck Nelson brings along riles up the Pike.

Savage Results

Nelson’s GoPro shows us retrieving the duck lure looks like a fleeing waterfowl, and pike follow. Rising to the surface they investigate, then smash the yellow duckling.

Pike prowling duck lure
Image: Matt Nelson/YouTube

“It does not get much more exciting than big pike on topwater. A couple of fish chased that duck back and hit it right next to my kayak,” recounts Nelson after three big pike.

“Pretty happy with that duck too. It worked real well. You can see those little feet kick up. It’s almost like a double plopper.”

Nelson also notes the family of ducks he saw last week were no longer around, and hopes they took flight from the Esox infested backwater. Probably a good call on the part of the parents.


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