Fighting Off Sharks To Land Massive Wahoo In Hawaii (Video)

Challenging day ends with a big “Wahoo!”

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Join Dan from Flying Fish TV on his latest attempt to land a big wahoo using opelu as live bait. There’s loads of action as he grinds for wahoo, but the beautiful Hawaii scenery is a more than capable co-star. From lush aerial shots—Dan is a pilot—to serene underwater footage, this video makes it clear why Oahu is a perfect spot to pursue your kayak fishing dreams.

an aerial shot of Oahu, Hawaii
Oahu as seen from the pilot’s seat. | Image: Flying Fish TV/YouTube

Wahoo Fishing With Opelu in Hawaii

The action begins as our host grabs two opelu from his bait tube, casting one a ways off the starboard side of his kayak and letting the other drop from a jigging rod. He soon gets a hit on the latter, but says that it feels more like a shark. Sure enough, Dan has hooked the front half of a 10-pound giant trevally, known in Hawaii as ulua, and the back half is lost to one big shark bite. Back to the drawing board.

At 7:15, the reel starts to spin again. “Something just ate my opelu. … It’s either a GT or a shark,” Dan declares. As the underwater cam confirms—it’s a shark. He cuts the toothy interloper loose and salvages his leader.

Frustration begins to set in after yet another shark snatches the next bait fish. “New wire rig tied on, new bait. … Hopefully we can get the next one,” our host grumbles.

Soon, Dan’s luck begins to turn along with his screaming reel. At 14:08 he gets hooked up again, working frantically as the powerful fish drags him toward another kayak. “It’s gotta be a wahoo, nothing else. Let’s get this thing in before we get sharked!”

Successfully Stealing a Wahoo from the Sharks

Dan’s elation is clear when he finally lays eyes on his catch. “That’s definitely my [personal best wahoo] off the kayak. Definitely. Hell yeah, that’s such a beautiful fish!” he crows.

wahoo swims in the waters of hawaii
Dan’s catch is a “monster wahoo.” | Image: Flying Fish TV/YouTube

After posing with his catch, Dan zips the huge Hawaiian wahoo into his fish bag, where it only just barely fits. Sharks aren’t the only ones who will eat well today.

Warning: This video contains language that some viewers may find offensive.


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