Is This The Ultimate Kayak Fishing Setup? (Video)

Check out the bells and whistles on this boat

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We join T.J., host of the popular Kayak USA YouTube channel, for a look at his buddy Jason’s ultimate fishing kayak setup. T.J. calls it “one of the most badass setups that you’re going to see on the water anywhere.” The boat in question is a tricked out 2018 Native Watercraft Titan Propel 13.5, one of the true heavyweights of kayak fishing. Take a closer look at this “bad to the bone kayak” and see if you agree that the setup can’t be beat.

Introducing the Ultimate Fishing Kayak Setup

The Native Titan 13.5 is an impressive boat in its factory default configuration, with a huge bow hatch and expansive stern well offering over 500 lbs of storage capacity. The rudder and pedal drive with reverse make the Titan more maneuverable than you might expect for such a big boat. Here, the rudder is upgraded to a larger Boonedox blade with the BerleyPro upgrade kit.

In addition to the pedal drive, this Titan features dual Power-Pole Micros and a Haswing brushless trolling motor with 65-lb thrust. The motor is powered by a Dakota 12V 54aH battery, good for 10+ miles of travel and a whole day’s worth of fishing. But just in case, Jason carries a second trolling battery as a backup. “It’s kind of like a spare tire,” he explains. The motor’s head unit is easily removable for the times he prefers to paddle.

Getting a Better Vantage Point

Custom 3D-printed 3-inch seat risers make sitting and standing even easier, with added storage space underneath Native’s comfortable frame seat. The YakGear crate is festooned with rod holders, but plenty of room remains for more. Custom LEDs adorn both the boat and the slick double trailer it rides on.

Capping it all off is a Humminbird Helix 12 fishfinder powered by a separate 23aH battery. “HBO’s on there somewhere,” Jason jokes as he flips through the various menus and screens. “When you get old like I am and you can’t see good, get bigger screens.”

Weigh In on the Best Setup

The Native Titan 13.5 weighs 150 pounds in its base configuration, so with all the bells and whistles we wonder what this bad boy tips the scales at. But once you’re in the water it’s hard to imagine a cooler ride.

In the end it’s mostly a matter of personal taste, so the choice is up to you: Is this the ultimate fishing kayak setup you’ve seen? Or do you lean toward a skiff or a more straightforward kayak fishing setup?


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  1. RE: Ultimate Kayak Fishing Set-up video….Since a green light on the starboard bow is standard positioning for green lights on a watercraft, having both a bow and stern, starboard green light would be very confusing in a regulated marine traffic environment. While not critical on small inland waters, and understanding that running lights aren’t even required on a small boat, one should still be aware that it could send a confusing message in some areas. Be Smart; Be Safe; Have Fun!


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