Rigging The Ultimate NuCanoe Unlimited Setup (Video)

Fletch Griffin, owner of Westbrook Supply Co., walks us through his kitted-out custom kayak

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Kayak anglers take their rigging seriously. There is perhaps no better proof of this than the crowd favorite, NuCanoe Build-Off that took place at ICAST 2022. The Build-Off showcased some serious custom rigged boats, including Fletch Griffin’s. Griffin is the owner of the Atlanta-based kayak shop, Westbrook Supply Co. Following the showcase, Fletch took us for a tour of the ultimate NuCanoe Unlimited rigging setup.

The Fully Rigged NuCanoe Unlimited

Custom rigging kayaks is what Fletch Griffin does at Westbrook Supply Co. To build out the NuCanoe Unlimited, Griffin had the help of Mike Manivanh, a Westbrook team member and sponsored angler.

You’ll see the duo included a number of high-end components on the NuCanoe Unlimited. There’s the MotorGuide Xi3, a Lowrance FS 9, and let’s not forget Boonedox Landing Gear. But Griffin and Manivanh didn’t stop there. The bow-mounted MotorGuide Xi3 is mounted via a quick-release Power Pux plate. A custom YakGadget crate on the stern features not only half a dozen rod holders and a half devoted to tackle storage. It is also houses Griffin’s battery system.

Fletch Griffin shows Rigging on NuCanoe Unlimited
Feature Image: Kayak Angler Staff

Speaking of which. What really makes Griffin’s fully rigged NuCanoe Unlimited shine are the electronic components. Yeah, there’s the transducer, motor, and running lights. But this rig also has Bluetooth speakers built into the forward hatch, USB ports and a battery meter to the paddler’s left. And a control center to operate every electronic feature to the paddler’s right.

If You’re Looking For A Custom Rigged Kayak You Came To The Right Place

Griffin’s NuCanoe proves to be a showcase for just how far you can take your kayak rigging. Manivanh estimates the cost of parts for the boat comes in around $7,500. And if you’re looking to have your fishing kayak custom rigged that’s exactly what Griffin and company do at Westbrook Supply. While you’re there don’t forget to test your new ride out and cast a line on the Chattahoochee.

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