The Obvious Reason You’re Uncomfortable In Your Kayak (Video)

It turns out the source of your pain is right under your butt and Chad Hoover has tips to fix it

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We’d argue the elevated stadium-style seat has to be one of the top three contraptions to change the game for kayak anglers.

An elevated seat lifts the paddler up off the deck, increases visibility and allows mobility within the boat. It also puts the angler in a position to more easily transition to standing and sight casting. Not to mention creates storage space directly under the angler.

Yes, these padded-out elevated seats are also way more comfortable than sitting low, hunched over, in a puddle of water. It’s as close as it gets to kicking back in a recliner as you can get on the water. Or at least that’s the idea.

No matter how sweet of a seat your kayak is sporting it won’t do you good if it isn’t properly outfitted. In this video, Chad Hoover breaks down some of the prevailing issues creating an uncomfortable kayak angler. And more importantly, how to fix them.


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