The Lifelike Shrimp Lure Redfish Can’t Resist (Video)

It takes a solid imitation to pull sluggish fish out of a cold winter slump

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When a cold spell slows down fishing on the Texas coast, warming up the bite can require some creative hardware. Mark DeLaRosa, of the Youtube channel MDLR Fishing, was desperate to lure some redfish out of a temporary hibernation when he decided to tie on the SaltNative Skelly Shrimp.

DeLaRosa shows how good an imitation the Skelly is. The shrimp lure gets chomped by some nice redfish, and proves to be the ticket to shake an angler’s winter slump.


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  1. I noticed that Mark missed a few strikes but never checked his hook point. By sliding the hook point over the thumbnail, you want the hook to dig into the nail’s surface. If it doesn’t, lightly run a fine-tooth file over each side of the hook point until no rough burs are felt. Then recheck the hook on your thumbnail. Capt. Pete Rosko


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