The Kayak Camping Adventure We All Dream Of (Video)

Gido Mettam packs his kayak, and sets his sights on barren islands for the most epic fishing trip you could conjure

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We all daydream about packing our gear into our kayak and pedaling off for the horizon. Reaching for the idea of finding ourselves on a remote island where the water is a deep blue, and the bite is plentiful. For fishing personality, Gido Mettam, kayak camping on a remote island isn’t fantasy, but reality.

The Ultimate Kayak Camping Endeavor

The southern coast of Australia seems far enough out there all its own, and yet Gido takes off from the mainland for a heap of desolate sandstone. He expects it will be closer but turns out to be some twelve miles out to sea. His kayak camping adventure makes for a Waterworld type of scene. What exactly is he doing, and why? Gido’s excursion to the far outcroppings of Australia seem to be adventure for the sake of it. Okay, we can get on board with that.

Kayak in ocean with rocky island.
Image: Gido Mettam/YouTube

“It’s definitely a bit of a mission,” Gido explains walking through his plan as a gentle breeze puts some wind in the sail of his Hobie Mirage Island trimaran. “We might even drop a jig, and have a bit of a fish along the way.” Of course he should, it isn’t a proper kayak camping trip without some fishing. But we aren’t going to tell this guy how to run the show.

Man pedaling for kayak camping island.
Feature image: Gido Mettam/YouTube

Catch Of The Day

Gido is eating his catch for dinner on this extended kayak fishing excursion. So what’s the delicacy off the southern Australian coast? A couple of harlequin.

“We’ve got the harlequin fish that I caught on jig from the kayak, one of my favorite eating fish,” Gido tells us as he carves a couple of nice fillets. He places them in panko breadcrumbs. Then proceeds to catch another harlequin right from camp. “I can’t find my fork right now so a little stick will do,” Gido later instructs showing his harlequin method when kayak camping.

Cooking fish while kayak camping
Image: Gido Mettam/YouTube

A campfire, some oil in the cast iron and the freshest seafood you’ll find in the southern hemisphere on an island to yourself. Yeah, we think the stick will do just fine, Gido.


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