Sight Fishing Louisiana Redfish By Drone (Video)

Will the reds be scared off by a UFO?

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The right vantage point goes a long way to ensure success in sight fishing. One way to get a better angle is to stand up on your boat, even perching on top of a cooler or seat for a little extra altitude. Kayak Angler contributor Chris Holmes and his friend Wendell Dietz demonstrate another, more high-tech solution: sight fishing by drone. Will the drone’s-eye-view lead these anglers to an untold bounty of redfish?

Sight Fishing for Redfish by Drone

We join videographer and drone pilot Dietz the evening before the trip, as the sun sets over the grassy flats outside Leeville, Louisiana. Early the next morning the pair launch their kayaks from Dietz’s custom-built houseboat, the “Delta Dawn,” and the drone takes off to provide support.

fishing kayak in Louisiana grass flats sight fishing with drone for redfish
Will the drone’s-eye-view lead these anglers to an untold bounty of redfish? | Image: Wendell Dietz/YouTube

Despite their eyes in the sky the anglers initially have a hard time finding the redfish. “Was about to head back to the boat when I finally spotted one,” Dietz notes. We get a great view of Holmes casting toward the reds as they lurk in the grass. At first they seem spooked, but then Holmes gets a hook on one.

“Finally a strike!”

The drone’s work isn’t over once Holmes has his fish on, as it continues capturing beautiful aerial footage of the catch. In the end, he lifts the red up for the drone before releasing it with a splash. We can only guess at the wild UFO story it will tell its fishy friends.

As for Holmes and Dietz, did sight fishing by drone lead them to untold redfish riches? Not really. “We didn’t kill the fish today,” the anglers admit, “but that wasn’t our intention.” Instead, they got a lofty new perspective on sight fishing—and some great footage, too.

Note: Using drones for fishing is illegal in some jurisdictions, so make sure to check your local laws and regulations before launching your own drone.


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  1. The intent of, nor was the majority of this trip designed to be a drone fishing trip. I haven’t done it before, I haven’t done it since. However, I’ll admit that it was a really cool experience and provided a unique perspective on my normal fishing practices. The drone work was excellent. You could see my bad cast, you could see the fish not even notice the lure, you could see it get spooked, you could see it swing and miss, you could see the other red that I had no idea was there, and you could see it hook up, fight, and get landed. This was about the view, the film, and the mood, not about a high-tech way to catch a fish. I think it is a great little clip and am excited that Kayak Angler is sharing it.


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