3 Kayak Fishing Hacks Using A Pool Noodle (Video)

It’s amazing what you can do with $1.00

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Pool noodles are one of those deceptively simple products that find a million uses and “hacks” in our homes, garages and workshops. Paddlers in particular have a long tradition of using pool noodles in clever ways, like padding a cartopped boat or adding back-up buoyancy to a sit-inside kayak. This video, hosted by Marvin Fore of the Great American Survival YouTube channel, demonstrates a few more simple pool noodle hacks to help you fish and paddle with the greatest of ease.

Kayak Fishing Pool Noodle Hacks

Hacks for Your Kayak Paddle

First, Fore demonstrates how to add a paddle float to your two-piece kayak paddle. Using an old Ginsu knife—although almost anything with an edge will do—he cuts a 12- to 16-inch section of pool noodle and threads it onto one half of the disassembled paddle shaft. When you join the two halves of the paddle a small metal button pops up to lock them into place. Fore adjusts the float to position it over this button, holding it in place perfectly situated between the two hand grips.

The second hack is a pair of paddle drip rings. These are inch-thick sections of pool noodle threaded onto the paddle shaft and placed about 4-6 inches above each paddle blade, just outside of the hand grips. The little foam discs will divert a fair number of drips while you paddle, making your hands less prone to blistering.

Hacks for Your Fishing Gear

Fore’s final pool noodle hack is a lure guard to keep your tackle from getting tangled in transit. For each fishing rod he takes an 8-inch section of pool noodle and cuts lengthwise down one side to create a sleeve that can be fitted around the rod and lure. Once in position the lure guard will keep everything tangle-free and securely in place. As an added bonus, if your rod with lure guard gets knocked in the water it will float, too!

Now That’s Using Your Noodle

The creative uses for pool noodles seem to be practically endless. As commenter John Puckett remarks, “whoever invented pool noodles has to be a millionaire by now.” What’s your best pool noodle fishing hack?


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