Giant 50-Inch Muskie Caught From Kayak (Video)

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You never know when an epic catch is right around the corner. In this video, Joseph Harrick of 5050 Fishing takes us along on a muskie hunt with fellow YouTuber David Flair and “muskie king” Billy Davis, a fishing guide based out of Knoxville. Each angler hooks up with a nice muskie, including Flair’s very first, but catch of the day goes to Harrick for landing a 50-inch giant at the last minute.

Grinding for Giant Muskie

The day starts out cold as the trio of anglers arrive at their secret fishing spot. “I don’t know if you can see or not, but it’s actually snowing a little bit,” Harrick observes. The group uses big bass tackle to target the muskie. “We’re throwing some huge baits, hopefully going to catch some huge fish.”

The anglers drag their kayaks down a slippery riverbank to the launch, avoiding taking a swim in the process. On the water they spot several big fish, but none take the bait. Eventually the group packs up shop and heads to their second location.

Dream Spot Delivers

The next undisclosed location is even tougher to access, so of course the fishing turns out to be great. The hits start coming at 6:30 when our host hears hollering from across the water. Davis has caught a great big muskie only a few yards from a set of rapids. He struggles to fight the current with the catch in his net, but eventually wrestles the fat fish into submission.

At 7:54, Flair lands his own very first muskie. As Harrick notes, “He’s freaking out, so it must be a good one—Oh, it’s awesome!” They estimate the fish weighs around 25 pounds, not bad for a first catch.

“That was awesome. I’m all slimy.”

Catch of the day comes at 9:20, when Harrick hooks up a giant muskie only feet from his kayak. It measures out at 50 inches, leaving our host flabbergasted. “I’m trying to get my nerves calmed down, but I mean that was absolutely incredible. By far the most exciting catch I think I’ve ever had in my life,” he says.

Check out the 5050 Fishing YouTube channel for more highlights from Joseph Harrick and friends.


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