Paddler Rigs Mountain Bike To Kayak (Video)

There May Be No Limit To Where You Could Fish With This Setup

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There always seems to be another lesson in rigging floating around the internet. When Jay, host of the Simply Mountain Biking YouTube channel, sets off for a mixed paddling and pedalling trip he’s met with a puzzle. How will he rig his mountain bike to his Crescent sit-on-top kayak?

As kayak anglers, we are constantly looking for ways to attach our gear. Jay’s DIY solution is rather intriguing and has us wondering just where a setup like this could take us on our next fishing trip.

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  1. Turtle it. PLEASE. In deep water. I want to see a reentry with bike still intact. I didn’t see anyone casting. I didn’t see any significant wind. Or a wake created by a boater.
    The “practicality” of this application is lost on me. And losing a bike in the bottom of a lake or river, or worse the yak as a life preserver, isn’t worth it.
    Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.


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