Offshore Angler Snags Freaky Sea Cucumber (Video)

Spiky beast is a New Years delicacy for those in the know

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The ocean depths are a strange and mysterious place, so it’s no surprise that offshore fishing can keep you on your toes. Tyler, host of YouTube’s The Redwood Fisherman, gives us a great example after reeling in an unusual catch while bottom fishing. The giant California sea cucumber may not be his intended target, but some say it’s a tasty and auspicious New Years treat.

Angler Snags Sea Cucumber Off Ocean Floor

As the video begins we see the angler with rod bent, reeling in his catch. Then the camera cuts to an odd-looking orange creature stuck to his jig.

giant California sea cucumber on the ocean floor
The bottom-dweller looks more at home in its natural environment. | Photo: Ed Bierman/Wikimedia Commons

“When you’re jigging your bait off the bottom of the ocean,” Tyler advises, “be sure to check it often. Sometimes you might get snagged on a scary sea creature.”

Despite its weird appearance, sea cucumber is highly prized in Asian cuisine and as a popular dish to celebrate the Chinese New Year. As a result, California sea cucumbers have been the basis of a year-round commercial fishery in the state since 1978. British Columbia and Washington State are also suppliers to the Asian market.

Try It for Yourself…Or Not

A New Years recipe for braised sea cucumber and Japanese mushroomWant to ring in the New Year with a sea cucumber dish of your own? Check out this tasty recipe from the Pacific Sea Cucumber Harvesters Association. According to the group, “Sea cucumber symbolizes everything is moving upward in the New Year…and mushroom is everything is going your way.”

Or you may prefer to be like Tyler and throw the creature back. “Now, if I can get it off without touching it…,” he says.


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