Kayak Fishing For Cornetfish In Yamaguchi, Japan (Video)

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Kayak fishing is a global pursuit, as demonstrated in this subtitled video from a Japanese paddle angler. The host of the sho-chn YouTube channel fishes in Yamaguchi Prefecture, located on the southwest side of Japan’s Honshu Island. He hopes to hook up with some yellowtail amberjack or Spanish mackerel before winter arrives, but the catch of the day turns out to be the strange-looking red cornetfish. Luckily, it makes a tasty meal.

Kayak Fishing for Cornetfish in Japan

Our host sets the scene in the video description:

“A tough winter season is just around the corner again! Better not go out far into the sea. I know that, but it feels as if the sea calls me…or is it fish that calls me? Well, no. It is just my crazy nature.”

He begins casting for bait, noting that “the contour is a little rough in this area. Tiny wrasses are rampant here, or lizard fish, or tiny seabreams.” But rather than bait, the first catch is an incredibly elongated red cornetfish. “Hooked right at the tiny mouth,” our host says. “I like to eat this fish, but it’s slimy when alive.”

The angler switches to a bladed jig and uses a fast, stop-and-go retrieve to try and tempt Spanish mackerel. But after a few missed hookups (and another cornetfish catch) he finally throws in the towel and heads for home.

Cornetfish Catch-and-Cook Secrets

The angler’s reward after a long day of fishing is a tasty meal of grilled cornetfish, sausage and mushrooms. He sings the praises of the “addictive spice” from Japan’s Saizeriya restaurant chain as his cat eyes the cornetfish sizzling on the grill. Despite its slimy start, the cooked cornetfish looks absolutely mouth-watering.

kayak angler holds up a cornetfish caught in Yamaguchi Japan
Cornetfish can grow up to seven feet long and they are used in Japanese cuisine. | Image: sho-chn/YouTube

Want to try cooking some cornetfish of your own? Check out this recipe for Japanese-style red cornetfish soup.


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