Essential Gear For Kayak Bass Fishing Tournaments (Video)

Keep it simple and you might be surprised

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Feeling a little competitive? Looking to test your skills against other bassmasters? In this video, Emily “EJ2” Jackson of Jackson Kayak shares her tips on the essential gear you need to succeed in kayak bass fishing tournaments. Not sure what type of PFD to wear? No problem. From fishing rods to flashlights Jackson covers all the bases, including how to make sure your measuring board measures up.

Kayaks and Competition Run in the Family

As a decorated member of the Jackson family of whitewater athletes and boatbuilders, EJ2 has a surprisingly low-key approach to competitive bass fishing. “Obviously, when you show up with the bare necessities everyone’s got ten thousand more things than you do. But it doesn’t mean that they’re going to catch any more fish—it just means that they have more toys to play with,” she says.

In a related blog post, Kayak Fishing Tournaments 101, Jackson discusses what it was like at her first two bass fishing tournaments. At the Pan American Championships in Cookeville, Tennessee, EJ2 placed first among women and third overall. More recently, she competed in the KBF Trail Series at Lake Kissimmee, Florida. “I had no idea on what to expect. I was super nervous, as I hadn’t fished Florida waters very much and there are alligators….” Sure enough, Jackson ended up on the podium.

Gear Up for Your Next Kayak Bass Fishing Tournament

Jackson’s blog post goes into greater detail on KBF registration and licensing, plus how to take tournament-worthy photos of your catch. She also shares general tips for your safety and comfort in the heat of competition.

Most importantly, Jackson confirms, simplicity can win out with a little skill and patience. “If you’ve never had a chance, grab your gear and check out a local tournament near you!”


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