How To Upgrade Your Spinning Reel In Three Minutes (Video)

You already have a solid reel in the garage and this little tweak will make it perfect

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We love to ogle the newest, smoothest reels to complete our dream inshore setup. But the household budget has a way of crashing us back into reality. That reality reminds us though, that the reel we already have is pretty sweet and maybe all we need is a little tweak to have the feel just where we want it. Mark Delarosa has the perfect three-minute upgrade to enhance the spinning reel you already own.

Delarosa takes the already capable Shimano NASCI 500 from his inshore finesse setup and gives it a small but effective upgrade. Delarosa removes the paddle-shaped handle and replaces it with a 35mm Gomexus Power Knob.

The Gomexus Power Knob has a large, round, but lightweight shape. And a bearing seated where the handle meets the arm of the reel handle. All said it’s a $20 upgrade if you think your Shimano NASCI could use a smoother more comfortable retrieve.

Delarosa completes the removal of the stock handle and assembly of the Gomexus Power Knob with little more than a Phillips screwdriver and three minutes of his time. An upgrade to your spinning reel almost as quick as getting a lure tied on.


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