Great White Shark Circles Kayak For Two Minutes (Video)

Angler In Awe Of Peaceful Encounter Off Central California Coast

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Ian Toussieh experienced one of the most intense moments any angler will encounter. While fishing off the coast of Central California, Toussieh’s kayak was circled by a great white shark, which he shared on his YouTube channel, Fisherman’s Chronicles.

Toussieh captured the encounter from not one, but multiple angles including a camera pointed at the angler, as well as Toussieh’s POV looking at the shark from the seat of his Hobie Mirage Outback. Both are posted here.

“I was catching bait when a large great white shark swam under my kayak. It circled me for two minutes, then swam away peacefully,” Toussieh writes in the description for the video, showing the angler’s awe of the fish.

He adds in the second video, “[It was] one of the most incredible and certainly humbling experiences in my time fishing.”


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