25 Favorite Ideas For Fishing Kayak Hacks (Video)

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You likely have a favorite kayak, the trusty steed whose saddle you’re most comfortable fishing from. But even the best-designed boat has some room for improvement. Steve Moore, host of the Kayak Hacks Fishing YouTube channel, takes us through some of the best hacks from over 500 videos he has produced on the subject. Dive in to get some inspiration for simple and inexpensive fishing kayak hacks of your own.

Rounding Up the Best Fishing Kayak Hacks

Moore’s main boat is a Jackson Coosa FD, but most of his modifications will work on a wide variety of fishing kayaks.

The first hack—and “probably the most important one”—is a combination standup assist rope, flip line and rescue ladder to aid in a kayak self rescue. Check out his separate video with more detailed instructions, “because when you flip—not if—you’re going to need this thing.”

Every piece of equipment has its perfect place on Moore’s boat. He uses velcro strips to lash down fishing tools within easy reach. Fish grips hang out of the way, attached to the back of the seat with magnetic snaps. Leashes for electronic devices are made out of weed whacker line.

Mounts, swing arms and paddle holders are built from PVC pipe fittings. A removable trolling motor mount is made from off-the-shelf galvanized square metal posts. The kayak anchor is suspended from a DIY hanger with a diving reel to roll up the rope, saving precious onboard space.

Steve Moore demonstrates his DIY trolling motor mount, one of his favorite fishing kayak hacks
Steve Moore demonstrates his removable motor mount made from off-the-shelf components. | Image: Kayak Hacks Fishing/YouTube

Moore trims down cheap plastic containers and garbage cans to fit inside the hatches of his boat. “That way I don’t get drippy, nasty, fishy, smelly things all over the inside of my kayak,” he explains. A rectangular plastic lid provides an extra shelf under the seat. “Knowing I hate noise when I’m fishing,” Moore lays down a section of yoga mat in the rear tankwell to dampen the sound transmitted through his hull.

Mods Don’t Have to Be Complicated or Costly

Watch Moore’s full video for more helpful hacks including DIY gear tracks, stakeout poles, camera mount with stabilizer, homemade kayak cart and more. You can find further details on many of these projects at Kayak Hacks Fishing.


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