Drone Captures Great White Shark Encounter With Kayak Anglers (Video)

A bird's eye view captured by Carlos Gauna provides a nature documentary-like experience of interaction between sharks and anglers

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Kayak anglers understand, anytime we launch into the ocean we are sharing the water with impressive beings. It’s part of what makes ocean fishing such a magnificent experience. Because of this, we often see footage of sharks and anglers. But the footage is usually a headcam point-of-view. Thanks to the drone footage of Carlos Gauna, The Malibu Artist, we have a whole new perspective.

Gauna’s overhead drone video of an encounter between a great white shark and two kayak anglers is like turning on a nature documentary. As anglers, we have the opportunity to see from an objective point how the white shark is behaving, and why it finds the kayak anglers so intriguing. Hint, a flailing halibut tethered off your kayak may draw attention.

The more education we have on shark interactions the better. Gauna’s video is one to add to this library.


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