Dawn Patrol Bass Fishing On Lake Erie (Video)

Melissa Kegg hunts for bass on morning glass

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It’s never too early to practice for an upcoming tournament. In fact, we’d generally just call it a good excuse to go fishing. For angler Melissa Kegg, a rumor of a vanished grass bed was reason enough to make the drive over to East Harbor State Park for some incredible dawn bass fishing on Lake Erie.

Lake Eerie Dawn Bass Fishing
Feature Image: Melissa Kegg / YouTube

Dawn Patrol In Search Of Bass On Lake Erie

Kegg arrived on Lake Erie to prepare for an upcoming bass tournament. The word on the street was a grass bed hotspot near East Harbor State Park had been poisoned. Kegg wanted to see for herself, and made the trip to the state park campground the evening before, and ready to launch before the sunrise the next morning.

Kegg, would find the situation wasn’t quite as the telephone game had made it seem.

“We had an older guy come by the campsite last night. He wanted to do a Vessel safety inspection check. Which was pretty cool because we got our stickers that say we’ve been checked. All you had to have were the lights, your registration, your life jacket and because we’re by here you have to have a whistle on your life jacket,” Kegg explains of the start to the conversation as she pedals out for the day on a Hobie Mirage Lynx.

“I asked him about the grass. And he said that they haven’t poisoned anything, but they they dredge the boat channels and then they’ve got this big mower and they’ve been coming out and mowing like the center of the East Harbor anyway so not nearly as much grass as i’ve seen the last few times I’ve been up here.”

Sounds like Kegg got to the bottom of things, but more importantly it led to a beautiful morning, and productive day of bass fishing.


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