Chasing King Salmon In An Oft Overlooked Destination (Video)

Old Town premieres new online series with a deep dive into Lake Michigan sportfishing

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When anglers conjure an image of kayak fishing for king salmon, their minds are often drawn to a remote bay in the reaches of Alaska or Oregon. As it turns out, trolling for Chinook is accessible to 12 million people right on Lake Michigan.

In Reigning Kings, the first episode of Old Town’s new online video series, Old Town Watercraft Presents, a crew of kayak anglers tackles the Lake Michigan king salmon fishery. The show features Old Town team members specializing in chasing salmon, including Lake Michigan local Michael Muniz and visiting Pacific Northwest guide Ashley Nichole Lewis.

Reigning Kings is the first of three episodes in Old Town Watercraft Presents, which sets out on angling adventures to take a deeper look at why we fish.


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