Caught In Freak Hail Storm While Kayak Fishing (Video)

Unexpected weather can catch you off-guard

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Safety-conscious anglers know that checking the weather forecast is a key step to prepare for any day on the water. But what happens when the forecast turns out to be wrong, and you’re suddenly kayak fishing in inclement conditions—like a freak hail storm? As Sean from the OhKee21 YouTube channel demonstrates, sometimes you just need to find the nearest shelter and wait it out.

Caught in a Hail Storm While Kayak Fishing

hailstones pile up on a kayak during freak hail storm while fishing
Unexpected hailstones pile up on the kayak. | Image: OhKee12/YouTube

Presumably the day started off nicely enough, but conditions soon take a turn for the worse as the sky darkens and Sean and his Old Town Predator PDL are peppered with hailstones. “Oh my goodness, this sucks,” he declares. “This just blew in. Literally within like five to six minutes this thing blew in.” In the YouTube comments he explains that the storm “wasn’t even on the weather” when he checked prior to launching.

Whatever the forecast says, Sean’s predicament is a great reminder to always come prepared. Trust your senses when conditions threaten to change, and keep an eye out for sheltering spots even when the sky is blue. When dark clouds roll in and the hail starts to fall it will be too late to start second guessing.

Pedaling While Ice Pellets Pile Up

Hailstones churn up the water’s surface as Sean pedals for shelter. “In this type of situation, what y’all would want to do is get somewhere safe, not try to get back to the boat dock unless that’s the safest option for you,” he advises.

The video ends with a shot of ice pellets piled on top of Sean’s kayak. Fortunately they are fairly small in diameter, or the Oklahoma outdoorsman and military veteran might be nursing a few goose eggs. We hope he has clear skies and smooth sailing next time.


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