Man Catches Two Striped Bass At The Same Time (Video)

Double trouble

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What’s more exciting than catching a fish? Catching TWO fish—at the same time, of course. Chris Pearce was out on Lake Havasu in Arizona trolling for striped bass from his Hobie Pro Angler 14. First he reels in a single decent-sized striper, a pretty straight-forward catch. That’s a good sign, so he continues pedaling with two lines out in the water.

Pretty soon the tip of his left rod is jerking again. He picks up the rod and as he’s reeling it in, his right rod starts to get some action.

“Oh shit, I’ve got a double!” he says excitedly.

Skip to 4:45 in the video to watch the double catch from the beginning. Lo and behold it’s two striped bass again, one caught on a crankbait and the other on a chatterbait. Both fish are pretty small, but that doesn’t make it any less fun to catch two at once!

Pearce and his wife are full-time RVers and travel around fishing in the southwest Missouri, southeast Kansas, northwest Arkansas and northeast Oklahoma area. In the video he goes on to catch a fourth striper. Not a bad day on the water!

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