Monster Black Drum Takes Angler For A Ride (Video)

Big bottom feeder gives quite a chase

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Watch and learn as pro kayak angler Elias Vaisberg attempts to complete his self-appointed “5 species over 20-inch” challenge (with no sharks or stingrays) in a single day. He sets out in search of species that frequent North Carolina waters in the summer: sheepshead, red drum, black drum, speckled trout and flounder. Vaisberg begins with black drum, finding great success on his second catch, a giant that leads him on quite a chase before posing for the camera.

Tracking down black drum in North Carolina

Vaisberg explains how the summer fishing is varied in North Carolina, but the bite depends very much on timing and local conditions. His lesson is to set the right strategy for the fish you want to pursue, like using mud crabs as bait for the black drum and casting near an offshore structure where they like to linger.

The fight is impressive as the giant fish takes Vaisberg in close, flexing his rod and giving his arms a good workout. After measuring his catch and giving it a swift release Vaisberg is left with a lap full of drum slime, which he jokingly intones is all “part of the game. It’s the experience of the drum.”

Rising to the challenge

Keep watching to see if Vaisberg completes his personal challenge, and visit the EliasVFishing YouTube channel for more fun kayak fishing exploits.


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