6 Tips To Land Your First Muskie By Kayak (Video)

Muskie fishing ain’t easy, but that’s all part of the fun

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Catching your first monster muskellunge is a tall task, especially by kayak. They’re not called “the fish of 10,000 casts” for nothing! In this video, former fishing guide, YouTuber and cinematographer Jay Siemens appears on behalf of Old Town Canoes and Kayaks to share his muskie fishing tips. From tackle to technique Siemens has got you covered, and he backs it up with a nice catch while the cameras roll.

How to Land a Muskie by Kayak

Muskie are valuable sport fish because “they often get caught more than once,” Siemens says. “They’re old fish, and…there’s not a lot of them.” Accordingly, his first tip is to pack the proper release tools: bolt cutters, long needle-nose pliers and a large hoop net.

Once you’re on the water, Siemens suggests standup fishing with polarized sunglasses. Watch for muskie following your lure back to the boat, then tempt them by tracing the lure in a figure-eight pattern just below the surface. A longer, heavy duty rod will help you avoid an aching back during these maneuvers.

To pick a muskie lure, consider the conditions. For stop-and-go fishing with lots of course corrections, choose a suspending or topwater bait to avoid snags. Otherwise, a bucktail is your best bet on days with smooth sailing.

Jay Siemens casts for muskie from his kayak
Watch for follows, then tempt the muskie by tracing your lure in a figure-eight pattern | Photo: Old Town/YouTube

“Serenity now!” says the muskie.

With a fish on hook, the final tip is simple but easy to overlook: “The biggest thing is to make sure that this fish has calmed down,” Siemens warns, “because you don’t want to try netting a green fish.” He leaves his hoop net in the water and uses it like a livewell while removing the hook. Only then is it time to grip and grin before setting the big fish free.

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