3 Essential Upgrades For The Old Town Salty PDL (Video)

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Fishing guides know their boats better than just about anyone, including the ways they can be improved. In this video, Nick Lytle of Navarre Kayak Fishing shares three essential upgrades for the Old Town Sportsman Salty PDL 120, a popular boat with guides and clients at the Pensacola fishing charter. These custom accessories give you an extra edge with an already capable pedal fishing kayak.

Easy Upgrades for the Salty PDL 120

1 Rudder Bolt

First, we roll back the clock on the Salty’s steering with a new rudder bolt. Lytle explains that the steering handle on the newer Salty PDL 120 employs a rudder tension knob, which he finds to be finicky and inefficient to use. He swaps out the factory rudder pin with an adjustable bolt—like the original Salty PDL—letting him reliably adjust the rudder tension with a screwdriver and wrench.

man installs a new rudder bolt on the Salty PDL kayak
See Nick Lytle’s rudder bolt installation video. | Image: Navarre Kayak Fishing/YouTube

2Steering Handle

Now that the tension knob on the factory steering handle is not in use, Lytle recommends switching the handle to a larger version. This simple upgrade makes it easier to turn the boat in heavy currents, and the new handle is designed not to catch on your clothing or PFD.

man points at an upgraded steering handle for the Salty PDL kayak
See Nick Lytle’s steering handle installation video. | Image: Navarre Kayak Fishing/YouTube

3 Floating Propeller Nut

The floating propeller nut was a clever innovation for pedal kayaks, making it easier to untangle debris or fishing line on the water. However, the first generation still required a wrench. Instead, Lytle uses a floating propeller nut made to be tightened and loosened by hand, letting him act faster in situations where time may be of the essence.

man holds up a floating propeller nut for the Salty PDL kayak
See Nick Lytle’s floating propeller nut installation video. | Image: Navarre Kayak Fishing/YouTube

Ready to Roll Up Your Sleeves?

Our host helpfully provides a separate installation video for each of his three upgrades to the Old Town Salty PDL 120, linked above. You can find his custom accessories for sale on the Navarre Kayak Fishing website. See the full description of this video on YouTube for links to the specific products.


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