Best New Products From The Big Gear Show 2021 (Videos)

From the flashy to the flexible, here are our top picks

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This August, Kayak Angler caught up with leading paddlesports retailers at the Big Gear Show in Park City, Utah to see what they’ve been cooking up for 2022. Here are two highlights from Bending Branches and Aquaglide, perfect for anglers looking to upgrade their paddle or paddlecraft.

Highlights from the Big Gear Show 2021

Bending Branches // Angler Pro Copperhead

Olivia Hart from Bending Branches introduces the new pattern for their popular Angler Pro paddle—Copperhead. The design was approved by hundreds of Bending Branches pro staffers, proving to be “by far the most popular pattern this year that was surveyed.”

“Inspired by the copperhead snake,” Hart explains, “it shows intensity.” The fiberglass blade is high-vis, with a durable carbon shaft and integrated tape measure. Bending Branches has announced plans to ship the Angler Pro Copperhead in early March 2022.

Aquaglide // Blackfoot Angler 11 iSUP

Jackson Esselman from Aquaglide introduces their new Blackfoot Angler inflatable SUP. Esselman shows off the “all new shape and different profile” of this ultra-flexible inflatable craft. Comes with heavy-duty carry handles and a handy backpack to help you reach locations that are all but inaccessible with a hard-bodied boat.

Rigging and outfitting options include a MOLLE plate and seven universal mounts to let you attach all your accessories. Aquaglide’s frame seat is optional.


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