Photo by Ric Burnley
The new mustang life jacket

In Greek mythology, the Khimera is a monster that is a hybrid of two animals. Mustang chose the name for it’s new hybrid inflatable and foam PFD. The Khimera offers 8 pounds of inherent buoyancy provided by a carved foam body. Pull a cord, and the front and rear bladders inflate to provide 22.5 pounds of floatation. Uninflated, the low-profile PFD makes it easy to swim and reenter the kayak without fighting a bulky life jacket.

If the angler becomes separated from the kayak, inflating the bladders keeps him afloat for the long haul. With just a single pocket in the front, there is nothing to get in the way of fishing or paddling. The Khimera closes with just two buckles on the side so there are no zippers. The bladders are internal, so they are protected from abrasion and puncture. And they are easy to repack and re-arm. Mustang’s Khimera is a hybrid, but it is no monster.


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