Wilderness Systems, one of seven premier recreational and high-performance watersports brands under parent company, Confluence Outdoor, has launched the all-new Wilderness Systems paddle line. 

This innovative and comprehensive paddle line offers consumers and retailers simple and easy to understand choices when considering a paddle.  Let’s face it, choosing a paddle is complex.  The paddler must consider stroke style, wingspan, torso height, core strength, seat height, feather angle, boat width, and paddling conditions among other personal preferences.   The new collection addresses these complexities by providing an on the fly, infinitely adjustable solution that is proven, easy to use, lightweight and of the highest quality.  Wilderness Systems is offering 9 paddles that are functionally equivalent to nearly 50 non-adjustable paddles making it much easier for retailers to fit consumers with the perfect paddle.  Each style will give paddlers the ultimate performance experience, while allowing them to fine tune and optimize their on-water experience as well as switch boats without having to use a different paddle.  Supported by the infinitely adjustable and proven Leverlock® adjustable ferrule system (US Patent # 8491349), these paddles feel as solid as a one piece paddle yet offer infinite feathering options and fine-tuned length adjustment for everybody, regardless of size, seating system or kayak brand and type.   

The 9 total paddles are offered in 5 Touring/Recreation models and 4 Angling models and priced according to value and construction.   The paddles are offered in the highest grade materials and feature the new Wilderness Systems design and brand colors. (Teal and Black for touring and recreation and Wilderness Systems Orange and Black for Angling).  They come with the Wilderness Systems satisfaction guarantee behind every paddle allowing retailers and consumers to buy with confidence. 

New Wilderness Systems Kayak Fishing Paddles 

Wilderness Systems Origin Kayak Fishing Paddle: 

The Origin paddle is an ideal paddle for all-around touring or well-conditioned paddlers, as it is made with a high angle shape offering less dihedral for added efficiency. Also, a part of the Origin family is the Origin Angler, with the same distinct high angle-style shape and is decked out with fishing-specific features for the kayak angler. The Origin Angler is ideal for heavier sit-on-top fishing kayaks or well-conditioned paddlers looking to paddle to harder to reach spots and fish all day. 

Wilderness Systems Pungo Kayak Paddle:

As an industry first, the Wilderness Systems team created a paddle co-designed with a boat. The new Pungo paddle was designed to create a synergy between boat and paddle by optimizing paddle angle, water entry, seat height, deck height and blade shape and the design allows the blade and shaft length to terminate at the waterline for optimal stroke efficiency. The Pungo paddle is available in both lightweight carbon and fiberglass options, this paddle is one of the best ever produced.   Although tuned for the Pungo, the Pungo paddle blade design provides exceptional performance in any recreational or touring kayak. 

Wilderness Systems Apex Angler Paddle:

The Apex paddle is the second model designed for touring and recreational use, with the primary benefit of maximum control and power for paddlers seeking peak performance. The Apex Glass is constructed with a carbon-reinforced edge and a strong carbon/glass shaft. The Apex Carbon is also available with a carbon fiber foam core blade, and full carbon 3K weave shaft. If fishing is your game, the Apex Angler paddle features a carbon fiber foam core blade, carbon 3K weave shaft, and a 0-36” measuring tape on the shaft. 

Wilderness Systems Alpha Angler Kayak Fishing Paddle:

If fishing is your sole focus, Wilderness Systems has designed the Alpha Carbon Angler and Alpha Glass Angler paddles. The ideal companions for the hardworking angler poised to fish in all conditions. Featuring a line hook in the blade and 0-36” measuring tape on the shaft, the Alpha Anglers will be a key tool to help land every catch.   

About Wilderness Systems

Innovative award-winning designs, premium outfitting, and an uncompromising attention to detail have made Wilderness Systems an industry leader since 1986. Today the brand continues to push the limits of technology, performance, comfort, responsiveness and aesthetics. Taking that same drive into the angling market with high quality fishing kayaks and angling accessories. Wilderness Systems now offers the ultimate on-the-water experience from expedition touring paddlers to passionate anglers and recreational boaters. Explore Wilderness Systems, part of the Confluence Outdoor family of Made in the USA brands, at WildernessSystems.com and join the Wildy Community.


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